History stores itself in the old time tunes and folk songs that Natalie brings to life. Blue notes and syncopation from years of listening to her father’s piano fold into her music. The raw rhythms of Natalie's banjo, bass, and piano groove beneath her soulful voice, singing of life’s joys and sorrows.

Born and raised in the heart of Washington DC, Natalie began playing piano at age five and by fifth grade was lugging the upright bass on the school bus. Her music fell by the wayside after high school, however the vibrant folk scene of a small mountain town in Colorado reconnected Natalie with music in her early twenties. She went onto study at Naropa University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music.

While playing bass in an Old-Time band, Natalie fell in love with the sound of the clawhammer banjo, and since then, has dedicated herself to learning  the instrument 

She plays and sings with a variety of bands spanning a range of genres. Her collaborators have included Pearl & Wood, Free the Honey, at. Play, Wild Mountain Old Thyme Band, Jackson Emmer, Slidewhistle, and the Crowlin’ Furlies.

 When she is not playing music, Natalie can be found on the swing dance floor, skiing to back country huts, running around with kids in outdoor programs, listening to birds, trying new soup recipes, and jumping into ice cold mountain lakes —something which she hopes to still be doing when she is 80.