What is a Crankie? 


                       Natalie's Tale of Liza and the Fox

                    Natalie's Tale of Liza and the Fox

Artists are reviving the concept of moving panoramas and have coined the term crankie, to describe these scrolling stories (the word crankie refers the the cranks used to turn the dowels). Moving panoramas were a popular form of entertainment during the 19th century.  The panoramas were long paintings that conveyed a story. The paintings were rolled up on a scroll attached to a dowel. A person would turn the dowel to which the scroll was attached, and as it turned, the story would unfurl across a framed screen. A narrated story would often accompany the moving illustrations. 

The Tale of Liza and the Fox is a beautiful collection of varied hand drawn images that tell a story Natalie crafted for a group of young girls.  Natalie enlisted the help of her friends to illustrate the tale and is grateful for the opportunity to create this communal piece of art. She is currently showing the crankie at different venues and is on working musical accompaniment.

Crankie's are a means of expression and connection. This old art form gifts us an opportunity to slow down, get lost in a story, and move beyond ourselves.

Reach out to Natalie via the contact page to book the crankie for a showing. To find out more about crankie's  and to see the work of other amazing artists visit www.thecrankiefactory.com